We are freelance
videographer’s team



Tackling the true core issues at hand
We don’t simply pursue surface-level elements such as what’s “cool” or “stylish”, but instead place emphasis
on providing film-based solutions to our client’s true needs.
Why is a film-based solution necessary? What are we seeking as the outcome of this?
It’s these sorts of beneath-the-surface elements that we confront head-on as a film-making team.



Individual creators with diverse skill sets come together as a team, contributing
through their respective specialty fields.
By cross-multiplying individuals’ originality and professional skill sets as a team, we produce a greater
depth and breadth of expression in our works.
This is the origin of “Cross Effects”.

金泉 太一 | Taichi Kanaizumi

ビデオグラファー. Cross Effects 主宰。
企業VPやMVなど多岐分野で撮影編集をワンストップ制作。DaVinci Resolveオフィシャル認定トレーナー。ビデオサロンにて「Motion Graphics入門」、インプレス社より「PremierePro欲張り入門」出版。デジハリStudio渋谷の映像トレーナー。

Videographer and Director of Cross Effects.
Comprehensive film production services across a broad range of fields, including corporate video packages
and music videos.Official DaVinci Resolve certified trainer.Creator of video salon course “Motion Graphics Nyumon” (“Entry to Motion Graphics”), author of “Premiere Pro Yokubari Nyumon” (“Comprehensive Entry to Premiere Pro”) from Impress Corporation.Video trainer at Digital Hollywood Studio Shibuya.

大学卒業後、カナダのトロントでダンサーとして活動をし、いくつかのMVや多数のイベントに出演。帰国後は広告代理店にて海外事業や飲食、アミューズメント系のSPを担当(sales promotion)。

After graduating from university, Taichi became active as a dancer in Toronto,
Canada, making guest appearances in music videos and events.
Upon return to Japan, he worked as sales promotion leader at an advertising company, overseeing leisure
fields such as overseas operations and the food industry.Following the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011 in his hometown, Taichi established himself as a videographer. Specializing now in comprehensive film production and providing film-based solutions for individual, mid-size and major corporation level clients, this is a natural calling to him: having the multifaceted experience of performer, client and creator in film production. In 2017, Taichi created 140 works across the span of the year.